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Roanwell Corporation is a leading designer and audio manufacturer of acoustic headsets, handsets, microphones, earphones cords, cables and accessories for military and commercial applications.
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Roanwell's handsets continue to set the benchmark for functionality, performance and comfort.
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Roanwell designs and manufactures rugged, reliable handsets for all your communication needs
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Roanwell Microphones
Roanwell makes: carbon, electret or dynamic microphones with or without amplifier.
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Roanwell can incorporate almost any connector into your design
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Falcon Series

Approved Replacement to the following NSN’s:
or part numbers: H10-76 and 12510G and 11324CE.

FAA approved products available on request

Roanwell P/N:
495-216-005-603 (luster black)
495-216-005-604 (lusterless black)
495-216-005-694 (lusterless gray)

Standard Configuration:
Microphone: Roanwell Made Dynamic M-87
Receivers: 2 x Roanwell made Dynamic H-143/ AIC
Termination: U174/U
All Roanwell products can be customized to meet our customers requirements, please use the link below to request a cutomized product quote

The Falcon headset is the flagship of the Roanwell headset line. It is designed for high stress applications, can handle the toughest environments and compatible with all current communication systems. The Falcon is a rugged, double-sided headset that is ideal for high noise applications requiring comfort as well as excellent attenuation. Among its many features is an adjustable headband that maintains acoustical seal and gently conforms to the wearer’s head without undue pressure. Exceptionally clear voice signals are reproduced by magnetic or dynamic earphones, while comfort is added by foam or gel cups. Use with most existing radios is made possible via plug-in design and choice of earphones, switches, volume control, cords(straight or coiled) terminations and preamps.

Click for Product Brochure

Click for Product Brochure

Specific features include:

* Rugged, Double-Sided Design

* Adjustable Headband

* Noise Cancelling Carbon or Electret Mics

* Exceptionally Clear Voice Signals

* Plug-In Design

* Stainless Steel of Flexible Boom

* PTT Switch

* Soft Foam or Gel Pads

* FAA Approved

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