BRONX, NEW YORK November 30, 2012
Roanwell Corporation (“Roanwell”), est. 1948, a diversified manufacturer of rugged communications equipment and contract manufacturer of high precision close tolerance machined parts, today announced it has purchased the operations of Bees Manufacturing, LLC.

Bees Manufacturing, LLC, (“Bees”), est. 1929, of Weymouth, MA, is a contract manufacturer of various alloy and plastic precision machined components for OEMs in the deep sea marine, medical, and industrial markets.

Bees manufacturing operations will merge into Roanwell Corporation’s Absolute Manufacturing Division, located in Pepperell, MA. The name “Bees” will be discontinued as products will be shipped under the Absolute Manufacturing name. Absolute Manufacturing specializes in precision machining and assembly of close tolerance parts made from challenging materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, nickel alloys, titanium and other engineered materials. The company provides multi-axis CNC machining, turning, assembly, and program management for the medical, defense and industrial markets.

The acquisition of Bees Manufacturing is part of Roanwell’s growth strategy of growing its customer base of engineered close tolerance precision machined parts in its already established medical and industrial markets, as well as expanding manufacturing in the deep sea marine market said Jonathan LaBarre, President of Roanwell Corporation.

Roanwell and its Absolute Manufacturing division are committed to providing Bees Manufacturing’s customers a positive and seamless integration with superior customer service while offering Roanwell’s additional capabilities.” said Barbara LaBarre, CEO of Roanwell Corporation.

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