The Horus Falcon

  • Hearing Protection through Roanwell’s Active Noise cancelling and passive attenuation technology
  • Superior Communication Intelligibility greater than 95%, be heard the first time!
  • Talk-Through and Situational Awareness Features allows users to communicate with nearby parties without removing their headset and maintaining situational awareness
  • Quick-reacting threshold circuitry ensures the user is shielded from any harmful impulse noise
  • Rugged durability and design to withstand repeated drops and various impacts
  • The RW108 is designed to fit under PASGT and similar style helmets and communication systems

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The Horus Falcon – RW108 series of headsets provides superb communications performance even in the most demanding conditions.

Active noise-cancelling technology eliminates all unwanted background noise, while superior passive attenuation protects the user’s hearing to deliver crystal-clear sound in high-noise environments.

Talk-Through circuitry gives the user total freedom to maintain situational awareness with no interruption in communications.

All Roanwell products can be customized to meet our customers requirements. Please call 718-401-0288 or use the form below to request a customized product quote.

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Technical Specifications

Compliant with NSN

5965-99-507-2471, 5965-99-725-4414

Microphone Impedance

150 Ω Standard or Per Customer Specification

Microphone Sensitivity

-32dBm @ 103dBSPL

Microphone THD

<5% 300 to 4500 Hz

Noise Cancellation

15dB minimum

Earphone Impedance

300Ω or Per Customer Specification

Earphone Sensitivity


Earphone THD

<10% 300 to 4500 Hz

Intercom Connectivity

AN/VIC-1, AN/VIC-3 & MESHNET family

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Attenuation Table

Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000 NRR
Passive (dB) 18 16 14 20 41 38 38 25
ANR (dB) 25 23 15 20 45 35 35 25

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