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Roanwell In-Ear Headsets


Roanwell’s Tanager In-Ear Headset delivers reliable, high-quality sound in a small package.

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Designed to be used in the noisiest environments, the headset creates a tight seal within the ear, providing unmatched attenuation for hearing protection and speech intelligibility. Its small form factor makes it a perfect supplement to any aviation helmet or Roanwell over-ear headset, and our headsets can be modified to include a connection to any of the miniature connector types available to the Tanager.

Versatility, convenience, and performance — Roanwell’s commitment to success, manifested in the Tanager headset

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Attenuation Table

Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000 NRR
Passive 28 27 37 36 44 55 57 27


  • Can be fitted to any headset
  • Exceptional speech intelligibility
  • Magnetic shielding of earphone element
  • High resistance to shock
  • Coaxial cable design
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Variants available: Standard, Mini-Tanager, Low Profile

Additional info

Compliant with NSN


Earphone Type

Balanced Armature

Earphone Impedance

140Ω (280Ω per earphone)

Earphone Frequency Range

300Hz to 4.5kHz

Earphone THD

Less than 5% from 300Hz to 4.5kHz

Speech Intelligibility


Unit Weight

0.35 oz (9.9 grams)

Cable Lengths

10” and 15” (custom variants available)


SMB (custom variants available)

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