Roanwell Corporation is well equipped in the design and manufacturing of rugged communications equipment that meets all commercial and military requirements. Our capabilities include conceptualization, design, prototyping and production of handsets, headsets, microphones, earphones, switch-boxes, amplifiers, cable assemblies, and accessories.

We have adopted lean manufacturing methodology through participation in the Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program (MEP). Lean Manufacturing is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement achieved by our pursuit of perfection.

Our design and manufacturing facility consists of 16,000 square feet located in Bronx, New York and a 6,000 square foot precision machine shop located in Pepperell, MA. The main New York facility contains a production floor, inspection areas, environmental testing laboratories, acoustical test facilities, and an engineering area which houses Roanwell’s Research & Development and Product Design personnel. Our in-house tool room and multiple molding stations allow Roanwell to rapidly design and produce new molds to customer’s requirements.

Roanwell personnel fabricate all types of electrical wiring harnesses and connectors, mechanical assemblies, and electrical assemblies (including Printed Circuit Boards). All assembly staff are certified in J-STD-001, Class 3 soldering.

Roanwell’s Quality System is certified to AS9100C and ISO9001:2008

Company Overview

  • Strong knowledge base in acoustics, communications systems, and electrical engineering

  • AS9100 and ISO9001 Certified
  • FAA Certified
  • All facilities meet performance and environmental specifications and standards

  • Located in a Hubzone/Empowerment zone
  • ITAR registered
  • Held 42 patents (noise-canceling microphone, carbon microphone, variable capacitor)

  • Over 300 Active NSN’s
  • Roanwell has products installed on ground, shipboard, airborne and space based applications

Download Line Card
Manufacturing Acoustic General Use Mechanical Environmental Testing
J-STD Class 3 Soldering SoundCheck Acoustical Test and Measurement Bend Test Machine 3D Printer Humidity Test Chamber
Lean Manufacturing GRAS Kemar Head and Torso Simulator Cable Test Machines CAD Design Salt Fog Test Chamber
Injection Molding Anechoic Test Chamber National Instrument DAQ CAM Design Altitude Chamber
Overmolding Sound Attenuation Measurement Fluxmeters
Turning Measurement Microphones Function Generators
Milling Loudspeakers Oscilloscopes
Forming Audio Amplifiers Multimeters
Tool Shop B&K Mount and Ear Simulators
Degassing Pistophones
RTV Molding Measurement Amplifiers

Quality System

In December 2012, Roanwell received their AS9100 certification. This concluded one journey, however marked an exciting new beginning at Roanwell, a beginning that further emphasizes the company’s continual improvement policy and ultimately lead to improved product quality and increase Roanwell’s customer satisfaction.

The journey to obtain certification began in late 2009 when Roanwell embarked on a major overhaul of its quality management system. Its in-house quality system had served well over the years, but due to the changing environment of manufacturing and greater demands from customers, Roanwell began the process of reviewing their quality system and upgrading to AS9100.

Roanwell understood the importance of adopting the AS9100 standard and the amount of effort required. By analyzing the manufacturing process, Roanwell created a framework to upgrade to a new quality management system. The previous procedures proved to be of great value and were merged with the new procedures where they were compatible.

Areas that lacked procedures or had conflicting processes with the new standard went into complete review. A comprehensive attack plan was generated to overhaul those areas’ procedures that completely adhered to the AS9100 quality standard.

It was a collaborative effort between Roanwell and professional consultants. Roanwell brought in professional process owners who skillfully owned each function of the manufacturing process. This system provided incentive to the process owners and the employees they managed in helping expedite each action. It was a great success for Roanwell to achieve one of the highest quality standards in manufacturing with the added benefit of significantly improved quality and efficiencies.

Consultants Craig Sacerdote and ITAC supported Roanwell’s transition to the AS9100 system. Craig’s knowledge in this field was of great value through the entire process, including internal auditor training. In 2010, Roanwell selected a core internal group to become internal auditors consisting of a cross-section of people throughout the company. Since then the internal audit core has expanded its capabilities each year.

Roanwell is listed in “OASIS” the International Aerospace Quality Group’s Online Aerospace Supplier Information System. This achievement helps maintain and grow Roanwell for the future while opening up additional opportunities in the defense, aerospace and commercial acoustic industries.

You can find Roanwell’s quality certificates here: