As events continue to define the shape of the industry, especially in special operations and homeland defense, Roanwell engineers are setting the groundwork for a new generation of headsets that will benchmark the next frontier in flexible battlefield communications. New headset designs are being developed to maximize mission performance in terms of noise attenuation, speech intelligibility, and user comfort so that headsets can be used for longer periods of time in ever more hostile environments.

Modular designs will allow improvements and technologies to be more easily added as they become available. Wearer fatigue will be substantially reduced through the use of new materials that will add greater comfort without restriction.

Wireless headset technology will immensely increase the mobility of ground forces in difficult terrain by allowing greater communication over greater distances among troops that are widely separated. Survivability will be further enhanced by improved water resistance and submersibility through the use of better coatings and membranes so that the wearer can count on continued performance even under the most adverse weather conditions.

These are only some of the new ideas that are driving the development of tomorrow’s next generation headset, and Roanwell engineers are working to make them possible.

All Roanwell Headsets Include:

  • Noise Cancelling Microphones
  • High Noise Protection
  • Superior Quality and Performance
  • Ruggedness and Durability
  • Clear Speech
  • Excellent Noise Attenuation
  • High Intelligibility
  • Adjustable Headbands
  • Foam or Gel Earpieces
  • Quick Easy Interconnect to Any Radio
  • Horus Falcon Series

  • Bone LightWeight Conductor

  • Hawk Series

  • Condor Series

  • Eagle Series

  • Raven Series

  • Falcon Series