About Roanwell Corporation
Learn the Roanwell Story, the history of Roanwell, the capabilities, and location and information about Roanwell's quality system
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Roanwell Corporation is a leading designer and audio manufacturer of acoustic headsets, handsets, microphones, earphones cords, cables and accessories for military and commercial applications.
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Roanwell's handsets continue to set the benchmark for functionality, performance and comfort.
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Roanwell designs and manufactures rugged, reliable handsets for all your communication needs
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Roanwell Microphones
Roanwell makes: carbon, electret or dynamic microphones with or without amplifier.
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Handheld Microphones
Transportable precise communications when and where you need it
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Roanwell can incorporate almost any connector into your design
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Military Applications

For today’s tough combat theater operations.

In today’s highly compressed battlefield, agility and surprize are vital to mission success. Force structure performance must be maintained at consistently high levels even under the most challenging conditions. Clear, uninterrupted audio communication can not be compromised. As the principal means of battlefield communication, the acoustic headset is critical to mission performance and ultimately the survival of the war fighter himself. It is the wearer’s vital connection between his position and central command, as well as his comrades in the field.

For this reason it must consistently perform up to the highest standards, every time all the time with clear uninterrupted audio message traffic that is highly intelligible, unmistakingly clear and clearly understood. All Roanwell headsets are designed to deliver flawless signal performance while meeting the rigorous demands of field abuse and other environmental considerations such as humidity, dust shock and excessive vibration. Each headset is also designed to maximize comfort for periods of extended wear.

Our latest headset designs are available in different configurations to meet application and environmental requirements